Economy – A House of Cards

Our illustrious former king (President) said in September speaking about the “financial bailout” that he saw our economy like a “house of cards,” and that one of the cards was failing so he took action. Snap, snap for the president. Unfortunately, his statement fails to address two issues, one being our economy should not be a house of cards, and two, through the illusion of “deregulation” and “free market” capitalism, his administration directly allowed, encouraged and created our present situation.

He directly influenced the Fed for years not to raise interest rates, so his administration and party would look good. His administration was looking good through the years of abundance. But the abundance was based on borrowed money, bad loans, and unadulterated gluttony. Many must have looked at the turning of a workable budget into an unprecedented deficit, as nothing short then magic. It turns out to be black magic, but his administration rode the ship to their greatest advantage. Of course, now it has crashed into the rocks. But his term is nearly over and he and his backers have made their money. The next administration will be the one responsible for the salvage operations. His administration stayed in business (reelected) by selling fear to the American people. They created known lies that got us into a war, which keep us distracted and made lots of money for the “Manchurian Candidate’s” clan. All the while he is selling off parts of this country to finance his illusions. And we were going to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about an affair that was his personal business? Let’s start by jailing his entire administration, as they are all knowingly complicit.

Let’s look at the retired king of the Fed, Volker, he saw this coming, was instructed to keep up the illusion and didn’t have the balls to say NO! Now, he says he was wrong in believing that the kings of gluttony would behave, that capitalism unfettered would ideally seek balance. How special! And he is only one of many. Our congress is another useless organization that spends its days:

1. Thinking how it can make money for its members. Oh, let me count the ways.

2. Make money for those that have put them in power (paid them off). “Pork Barrel” projects, contracts, tax incentives, etc.

3. Denigrate the opposition, no matter if right or wrong. This may hurt the country as a whole, but that is not important if it bolster their position.

4. All the while appearing like they are doing their jobs for their employer (the people of the USA).

It is time for this country to wake up, take back its power and recreate itself as the shining example it can be. Right now we are seen as self-centered gluttons. First, we must address the tyranny of our political parties. We need a third party for balance, line item veto powers, end of the Electoral College, and another way of choosing chairmanships for the congressional committees, like a rotating position. Also, we need campaign reforms to exclude PACs, and other loopholes, as McCain originally intended. Then, perhaps we can create a great good for the whole country and world, not just for the benefit of the particular politicos in power.